SN and BAT Join Forces for Growth, Facilitating Global Tobacco Packaging Materials Supply
Source: | Author:佚名 | Published time: 2024-06-14 | 162 Views | Share:

On the afternoon of June 14th, Hainan Shiner Industrial welcomed a visit from the BAT regional supply chain management team. Mr. Xing Qingtao, the company's chairman and general manager, personally guided the guests on a tour of the BOPP production factory, CNAS laboratory, and R&D building, and engaged in an in-depth discussion on new tobacco materials.

As a partner of SN, BAT has established a long-term stable cooperative relationship with SN in the fields of resealable packages and tobacco films. The main purpose of this visit was to explore SN's other tobacco packaging products, such as eco-friendly innerliner, filter tow, brand paper, and tobacco cord, and showed great interest in SN's PLA biodegradable new material.

During the meeting, SN and BAT engaged in a detailed dialogue on the technical specifications, performance features, and applications of the new products, paving the way for future collaboration. This dialogue not only enhanced the clients' comprehension of SN's offerings but also bolstered the company's efforts to extend its presence in international markets.

As one of the world's largest tobacco companies, BAT's visit further solidified the cooperative relationship between Shiner Industrial and its overseas customers, and also demonstrated SN's strength and potential in the field of tobacco packaging. SN will continue to uphold the operating philosophy of "innovation, pragmatism, and win-win," market-oriented and customer-centric, continuously improving product quality and competitiveness, practicing "being a dedicated helper for customer innovation" and contributing to the development of the tobacco packaging industry.